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  • The difference between uv printer and inkjet printer

    What is the difference between inkjet printer and uv printer? This question was recently asked by a client looking to develop in the advertising industry. For customers who are deeply involved in the advertising industry, the difference between the two is very familiar, but for customers who have...
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  • Safety Awareness Guide

    To prevent severe personal injury or death, read this section carefully before using the flatbed printer to ensure proper and safe handling of the unit. 1)Before using this equipment, strictly install the ground wire as required and always check that the ground wire is in good contact. 2)Plea...
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  • Effect of using expired UV ink on UV printer

    UV ink is a necessity for flatbed printer equipment. How long is the ink shelf life of UV flatbed printer? This is a problem that UV printer customers are more concerned about. The general color has a shelf life of 1 year, and the white recommended use period is half a year. Some customers do not...
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  • Which effects are printed by UV printer?

    Which effects are printed by UV printer?

    Which effects are printed by UV flatbed printer?  Varnish effect, 3D embossing effect, stamping effect, etc.  1. In the removathe ordinary effect   The UV printer can print any pattern, unlike the traditional sticker process, this new printing process is based on piezoelectric inkjet printing pr...
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  • What kind of working environment does UV printer need? 

    What kind of working environment does UV printer need? 

    Ntek designs and develops various types of UV flatbed printer, including advertising logo color printing machine, signs printing machine, ceramic printing machine, glass printing machine, backdrop printing machine, phone shell printing machine , toy printing machine, crystal photo printing machi...
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  • Eight bad habits that can cause UV printer malfunction

    Eight bad habits that can cause UV printer malfunction

    Replace quality ink with poor quality ink In the process of the uv printing ink is indispensable, but some users buy some ink middlemen, put the high quality uv ink replacement became cheap inferior uv ink, although the price is cheap, but greatly shorten the life of the printhead, cause the pri...
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  • Do you know the five factors that affect the printing effect of UV flatbed printers?

    1. Ink used, UV ink: UV flatbed printers need to use special UV inks, which are generally sold by manufacturers. The quality of UV ink is directly related to the printing effect. Different inks should be selected for machines with different nozzles. It is best to buy directly from the manufacture...
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  • Why choose Ntek printers

    1. Professional technical research and development team to provide a full range of industry solutions With more than ten years of talent accumulation, the company has a group of professional R&D technical personnel in software and hardware, providing reliable, high-quality, independent and p...
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  • Factors that determine the printing accuracy of UV flatbed printers

    As a high-precision printing equipment, the uv flatbed printer must have a complete set of precision measurement system standards. For example, the size of the ink dots of the uv printer nozzle, whether the diagonal lines are equal, the clarity of the picture quality, the clarity of small charact...
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  • The Importance of The Right Printhead

    The Importance of The Right Printhead

    One of the most essential components in any printing job is the printhead – which type of printhead is used greatly affects the overall outcome of the project. Here’s what you need to know about different printheads and how to select the most appropriate one for your specific printing project. Wh...
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  • Ricoh G5 UV flatbed printer selection skills

    Ricoh G5 UV flatbed printer selection skills

    How to buy UV flatbed printer?  Various channels to collect information, from tens of thousands to hundreds of thousands, what is the difference, how to buy their own satisfaction, and value for money of the machine, this is a lot of want to buy UV flatbed printer customers want to know.  When b...
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  • Advanced printheads for today and tomorrow

    Advanced printheads for today and tomorrow

    When considering what printer to buy, understanding what type of printhead is used can help you to make an informed decision. There are two main types of printhead technology, using either heat or a Piezo element. All Epson printers use a Piezo element as we think it offers the best performance. ...
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