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  • The advantages of printing glass with uv digital flatbed printer

    Using UV digital flatbed printer to print glass has the following advantages: High resolution and image quality: UV digital flatbed printers can achieve very high printing resolution, rendering fine image details and delicate colors. This makes it suitable for printing beautiful patterns, photos ...
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  • The development history of uv digital printers

    A UV digital printer is a digital printer that uses ultraviolet (UV) curing ink for printing. It can achieve high speed, high precision and diverse printing effects during the printing process, and has strong adaptability to different types of materials. The following is the development history o...
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  • Why choose uv digital printer?

    Choosing a UV digital printer has the following advantages: Versatility: UV digital printers can print on a variety of materials, including paper, cloth, wood, plastic, metal, and more. This makes it ideal for a variety of industries such as advertising, signage, decoration, furniture, etc. Dura...
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  • Features of uv flat panel digital printer

          UV flat screen digital printer is a digital printing device that uses ultraviolet curing (UV) technology. It has the following characteristics: Flat panel design: UV flat panel digital printer adopts flat panel design and can print directly on the flat panel. This makes it suitable for...
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  • How to choose a cost-effective UV printer?

    ① Look at the quality In the brand of many UV machine market, consumers are easy to be attracted by the manufacturer’s listing halo and advertising effect, because the brand and quality are not completely consistent, making many advertising manufacturers fall into the purchasing misundersta...
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  • UV flatbed printer performance test

    Print small print to measure accuracy No matter what type of flatbed printer, the basic condition required is printing accuracy. Test the printing accuracy method is: print 3 characters with PS on the full page of A4 paper. Print clearly, no glint and no blur is qualified product. If there is a d...
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  • Why do we use CMYK in color printing?

    Why do we use CMYK in color printing?

    The reason is you are probably thinking you want red, use red ink? Blue? Use blue ink? Well, that works if you only want to print those two colors but think of all the colors in a photograph. To create all of those colors you can’t use thousands of colors of ink instead you need to mix different ...
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  • What is the right way to install the UV printer?

    What is the right way to install the UV printer?

    The main items on the installation site of UV flat-panel printer include seven aspects: light, temperature, air flow, power supply, wiring, ground and dust requirements. During the installation process, it is necessary to strictly follow the standards to ensure the smooth installation and use of ...
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  • The difference between heat transfer printing and UV printing

    The difference between heat transfer printing and UV printing

    First, you need to understand the principles of heat transfer and UV printing. Heat transfer printing: Heat transfer printing is the first color pattern printed on the heat-resistant substrate, generally thin film material, but also need to go through release treatment, and then combined with sp...
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  • What do I do with UV flatbed printer flying ink?

    What do I do with UV flatbed printer flying ink?

    The main reasons for flying ink in UV printer are: First: static electricity. If the UV printer is in a low humidity and dry environment, it is easy to generate static electricity between the nozzle and the material, resulting in flying ink in the printing process. Secon...
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  • What are the advantages of the vacuum adsorption platform for flatbed printers?

    What are the advantages of the vacuum adsorption platform for flatbed printers?

    During the printing process of flatbed printer, UV lamp will generate a certain amount of heat If the material to be printed is a material sensitive to temperature, it may bulge and the edge may rise, affecting the normal printing operation. Therefore, aluminum alloy vacuum adsorption platform c...
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  • The difference between uv printer and inkjet printer

    What is the difference between inkjet printer and uv printer? This question was recently asked by a client looking to develop in the advertising industry. For customers who are deeply involved in the advertising industry, the difference between the two is very familiar, but for customers who have...
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